My name is Abhiraj Bhowmick. I was born on 27th June 2006 in the busy town of Siliguri which is present in the foothills of Darjeeling, the queen of hills. I have completed my primary and secondary education at one of the best schools in my country, Don Bosco School. I have always topped my class and I also have my hobby for programming from 10 years of age.

Some of my hobbies are reading books and playing video games. Aside from coding, I have also participated and won several eSport championships for my earlier team in Call of Duty Mobile. I take an interest in graphic design and video editing too. I have been a Youtuber with less to moderate success. I learned coding from the Internet and its unscalable resources I use VS Code from Microsoft for my day-to-day workflow and would recommend it to fellow beginners. I know programming is not an easy job and I am an open cup ready to grasp information and learn as much as I can from both new things and my past mistakes. I am optimistic and honest in my work. I believe that my code can someday make the world a better place. Peace ✌️

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